Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Mini-Review: Negative Camouflage

[This review is 'mini' because it's about an old rocket, the rocket was destroyed, and my memory isn't that great.  But, hey, it's not like I haven't built around 300 rockets in recent post-BAR history.  How can I be expected to remember them all?]

This was a BT-60 rocket with a 29mm mount.  The nose was recovered from another project, the fins were scrap plywood, and I forget how the mount and recovery system were constructed. [See above.]

The original nose had a long section of BT 5 mounted in it.  I didn't like the looks so I chopped most of it off.  I added a small conical nose that was inset slightly into the tube, kind of ram-jet style.  I wasn't that crazy about the looks of this iteration either, but I thought it was an improvement.

The shape of the fins was actually determined by the shape of some other set.  They were recovered from areas around the holes left when said other fins were cut.  I like the shape a lot.

I hand painted the not-so-camo paint scheme.  The nose was the original color.

The first flight was on Feb. 23, 2002 on an F10-8.  The long burn was really cool and it was quickly out of sight. We saw the tracking powder at ejection, but the rocket was gone. But, not for long. It was found and later returned.

The next flight was on August 11th of that year.  I thought I'd use a smaller motor for the second flight so I adapted an E9-6. Well, it hung slightly on the rod and, when it finally got free, went horizontal. It hit a remote launch tower and exploded due to impact. The cone and upper body were converted to a bag of small pieces. The fins were again scavenged.