Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Big a$$ rocket of the day - OuR Project 94k

New, via Rogers Aeroscience:
The series of technical articles on the OuR Project R Rocket which were published in the July 1997 issue of High Power Rocketry magazine. The OuR Project R Rocket, which had a total impulse of 260,000 Newton-seconds, reached an altitude of 94,000 ft above ground level based on time to apogee measured from an onboard video which was transmitted to a ground station during the flight. Includes the technical article Postflight Analysis of the OuR Project R Rocket Flight, by Charles E. Rogers, on the postflight analysis of the rocket performance using time to apogee from the onboard video and the mid 1990's versions of the Rogers Aeroscience aerodynamic drag prediction and altitude prediction software.

Download the OuR Project R Rocket Technical Articles