Thursday, January 13, 2011

Starship Enterprises rocket history

Starship Enterprises was a manufacturer of some interesting kits.  In January 2001, the company changed names to Fat Cat Rockets.  Best as I remember, both entities were owned and operated my Chuck Sackett and Mike Ward, who are known for some really big projects (Down Right Ignorant,  Project 463, and Stratospheric Dreams).  If you can provide more info or corrections, please leave a comment.

There are reviews of several of their kits under the Fat Cat Name on EMRR and Ye Olde Rocket Plans has the instructions for a couple of them.  I just ran across the Starship Enterprises catalog that I picked up at LDRS-19 in July 2000.  Their kits were cool and they had a couple of big upscales - which were really cool!  Scans are included below the page break.

Click to get the bigger version: