Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Saturn 1B launch announcement

Via Neil's ESL-152 announcement:
Special Note: This is your chance to become part of rocketry history. MDRA will be launching Steve Eves’s 1:9-scale two-stage Saturn 1-B and Vern Hoag’s 1:9-scale Saturn 1-B at Higgs Farm, in the Spring of 2011. This is your opportunity to support and help sponsor both flights. These projects each stand twenty-four feet tall and will weigh in at over seven hundred pounds.

Jeff Taylor of Loki Research will be making the propellant for Steve’s project. Anthony Cesaroni of CTI will be producing the motors for Vern’s project. In order to fly these world-class projects, Steve and Vern need your help.

The motor-sponsorship opportunity for Steve Eves’s two-stage Saturn 1B is the following: Steve’s rocket will be launched on a central P-7000 and four N-3800 Loki Research motors. The rocket will stage to a single N-3800. The N-3800s are certified motors. The retail cost for the N-3800 propellant is $599.99. Thanks to a generous discount from Jeff Taylor, the sponsorship cost for the N-3800 propellant will be $400.00. You will need to supply your 98mm 12,500 Ns case for the propellant. Jeff Taylor will oversee the assembly of all the Loki Research motors.

The sponsorship cost for the central 6-inch-diameter P-7000 motor is $1,500.00. This includes the case, which you will keep, and the propellant for the flight. As with the N motors, Jeff Taylor will oversee the assembly of the P motor.

The motor-sponsorship opportunity for Vern Hoag’s single-stage Saturn 1B is as follows: Vern’s rocket will be launched on eight 98mm motors. There will be four M-3400 motors and four N-2500 motors. All of the motors will be produced by Cesaroni Technologies, CTI. Both sets of motors are certified. The M-3400 propellant retails for $569.95. The N-2500 propellant retails for $799.95. Thanks to the generous discount offered by Anthony Cesaroni and Tim Lehr, you will receive the 9994 Ns casing and the propellant for the M-3400 for $420.00 or the 13676 Ns casing and propellant for the N-2500 for $480.00. After the flight, you will keep the motor casing. Tim Lehr and Cesaroni representatives will assemble all of the CTI motors.

Go to the following link to donate. Type in the amount associated with the motor you want to sponsor and we’ll be in contact to work out the details.


Check out the progress of the project at the link below.