Thursday, January 27, 2011

Review: Quickburst - Rocket Rack

This is a brief review of QuickBurst's 18" PVC rocket rack.

This is a simple product and there isn't much to add to QuickBurst's own description:
The 18-inch Rocket Rack is made of lightweight, strong, durable 1/2 inch Sch 40 PVC pipe with 3/8-inch thick foam insulation at key areas for padded protection. It measures approximately 12 inches tall and deep by 18 inches long. The joints are pressure-fit, not glued. Shipped partially disassembled, it comes with complete, easy assembly instructions.

The 18-inch rack is stable. By simply placing your project on the rack (and using the attached securing device) the rack becomes a strong, lightweight and secure means of working on, transporting and storing your project. Mount the rack on the wall with your project attached and you've got instant display and storage.

As delivered, my rack consisted of the parts shown to the left above (partially assembled).  The photo to the right shows it fully assembled. The instructions say to glue it together using PVC glue if you are going to transport it much. It seems to hold together fine and I want to disassemble it for transport, so I did not do so. If it gets too loose I may glue some of the connections.

The following photos show a couple of reasonably large rockets on the stand. I have no idea how much weight it will hold, but I suspect that it will hold almost any rocket in my fleet that is over 18" long and whose fins have a span less than in 12" (more if it is a three fin rockets).

I have used this rack countless times both on the field and in the Dungeon. Inside, I've used it to stage rockets and to hold them during assembly. Very useful! I still have left mine in pieces. This makes it easier to transport, however, it has also come apart when I was using it. I've made a note to myself to double check that all the sections are snug before using it. I keep saying that I will glue some of the pieces but so far I haven't followed through.

This rack was given to me by QuickBurst for placing 9th in DESCON-13. Thanks for supporting the contest, David!