Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mythbusters rocket sled redux

I was just watching a replay of Part II of the Mythbusters' Demolition Derby special episode in which they destroy cars in head-on collisions between two semi trucks, by dropping them from the sky and, most importantly, with rocket sleds.  I think I've posted about this before and the video is well documented on YouTube, but it's worth repeating myself. The boys travel to New Mexico Tech's Energetic Material Research Testing Center to run the 'test'. They proceed to use a 2-stage rocket sled to basically vaporize a car.  Each stage is propelled by 12 Korean War era (~55 year old) 5" HVAR rockets.  Each stage provided around 75,000 lb of thrust and collectively propelled the sled to 650 mph.  Linky.
What car?