Thursday, January 06, 2011

Review Index Post

In my quest to cross-post my EMRR reviews, I'm now up to 96 reviews here in the Dungeon. Not all are cross-posts as I now have 10 that appear only here. You can find the full list on the My Rocket Reviews page. These reviews are dusted off and have been brought up to date where needed!

The reviews are held a fewer number of posts since I am grouping a few of them where I think it makes sense. Here are the individual tags for each class (the numbers are the post counts):

# Rocket Reviews: Accessories (2)
# Rocket Reviews: All Fireballs (4)
# Rocket Reviews: Books (9)
# Rocket Reviews: Kit Modifications (5)
# Rocket Reviews: Kits (31)
# Rocket Reviews: Paper Model Conversion (1)
# Rocket Reviews: PMC (2)
# Rocket Reviews: Scratch Builds (26)