Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The best of the r.m.r. DesCon

Here are rockets that I think are worth checking out - for the first time or again.  Links are to the new EMRR (except for my entries).  There are so many good ones that are not listed.
  1. 3-Stage Cluster Cone  - Art Applewhite (...of Death?)
  2. And Now For Something Completely Different... - Robert Galejs {and he means really different!)
  3. Augie Sport - Frank Ross (2-Stage, single-piece, ducted sport flier)
  4. BiC Arcas - Jeff Hove (this one inspire so many copycats!)
  5. Big Bad Bertha - Bob Fortune (barely longer than that 38mm J570!)
  6. Cosmotrader - Drake 'Doc' Damerau (possibly, the best one)
  7. Crazy Dave's Gun Launched Rocket - Dave Hall (removed due to safety issues)
  8. Deuce XL5 - Dick Stafford (I like it, what else can I say? Link is to the updated review here on the Dungeon.)
  9. Flying Traffic Barrel of Death - Mark Simpson (full scale!)
  10. Fat-Ass-Tron Sprint - Jim Sekol (pretty basic, but classic lines)
  11. Flight Registration Form - Adrian Hurt (simple, but funny)
  12. Flying Purple People Eater - Robert Galejs {now, maybe this is my favorite...other than my entries, of course)
  13. Fur-Lined Cole Weather Rocket - Richard Hickok (included because it reminds me of all the interesting stuff he drags out to MDRA)
  14. Gemini Strikefighter - David Chen (the next best thing to the original)
  15. Imperial Lambda Shuttle (29mm) - Nick 'EMRR' Esselman (I built its small relative.  Wish he'd kitted the big one.)
  16. Junk Food Junkie - Glen Overby (Simple idea, but I always liked this junk rocket.)
  17. Lander - Spooge Prospector - Kelo Wavio (ditto)
  18. Macroprobe - Ronald Orr (recycle your old electronics)
  19. Meanie x2 -  Nick 'EMRR' Esselman (I like the simple lines)
  20. Mercury Transport (29mm)  - Nick 'EMRR' Esselman (paint stirrers...hmmm)
  21. MicroMaxx Monocopter - Art Applewhite (updated version is available here)
  22. Navajo G-26 - Tim Wilson (this cruise missile will actually cruise!)
  23. Project Pluto - Mark Schrader (gotta add this to the build list)
  24. Project X - Tater Schuld  (good example of frame construction)
  25. Scream - Richard Hickok (another from my build session bud)
  26. Scroton - Chris Eilbeck (awesome spinning thing; forgot it was a DesCon entry)
  27. SkyWriter - Bob Fortune (Sharpie...or not?)
  28. SpaceLiner 100 - Nick 'EMRR' Esselman (what a finish...I love stubby)
  29. The Grand Whazoo - me, again; and the link points to my updated review on the Dungeon; this one inspired builds by other rocketeers
  30. The Monthly Missile - Chris Kiekens (you gotta laugh at this one!)
  31. The Whole Enchilada - (from you-know-who; I'm still proud of this idea)
  32. Three-Fin Snelson - Robert Galejs (wow, can you believe the fins don't touch the BT...or any structural member?)
  33. Thunderbird 3 - Darren Longhorn (someday, I've gotta build one)
  34. TinTin - Michel Demey (in case my XFLR-7 is lost or destroyed...)
  35. Tintinique - Darren Longhorn (ditto) 
  36. The Tower Ring Infernal - Ted Cochran (is this a fractionator, deethanizer, or a debutanizer?)
  37. Two Fin - Evan Ross (I'm fascinated with two fin designs.)