Saturday, December 18, 2010

Review: Odd'l Rockets Raise

The Odd'l Raise is an adjustable standoff for 1/8" rods. One of them apparently dropped into the box when my Wedgie kit was shipped so I thought I'd add a short review. You can now put your clothes pins back on the line.


The Raise is a merely a coil spring with a short piece if brass tubing attached to the top. The lowest coil of the spring is bent outward to keep tension on the rod. It is so simple but seems to work great. All you need to figure it out how to use it is the simple diagram provided in the instructions.

I found it easy to install and move around. It was quite easy on my personal rod that doesn't get used much. However, MDRA's rods sit out a lot and many are slightly corroded. It was harder to work the Raise onto one of those, but it wasn't too bad.

I installed the Raise on a rod at MDRA's ESL-144 for the whole day to get a wide range of rockets on it. The photo shows an Estes Trident on the pad. Here, the Raise's arm is twisted inward so the rocket rests on that.

The following photo shows the other mode - with the arm bent outward. In this case, the spring coil itself holds the Fatboy at the lower end of the bottom lug.

The final example again shows the Raise set to hold the rocket at the launch lug. However, the Sprint was old and the spring bound slightly between the rod and the lower body. This worked out, but you should check that your rocket slides freely (and will not snag the support arm).

06/10 - "B.C. mentioned that he witnessed the Raise spring getting caught on an engine hook at launch. That was last year on a first prototype of the Raise spring. Before the final product was released for sale, a brass tube was added to the extension arm eliminating the chance of any binding or catching on an engine hook. " (C.M.)

05/10 - "A note from Odd'l Rockets: As explained in the Raise directions, set the spring under the main body tube of the rocket. I don't recommend using the spring (up from the rear) along the side of the body tube--it could bind the model to the rod at ignition. Keep it to the rear of the rocket with the extension arm at the end of the main body tube. " (C.M.)

05/10 - "Chris tested these quite a bit at the ROCK (Section 622) launches. We found the fliers need to be careful when loading rockets with metal engine hooks. They can catch on the spring and hold the rocket on the pad. This can also occur with clothes pins, but the raise spring is much smaller so it's easy to miss (especially for an excited youngster)." (B.C.)

12/09 - "This is a very useful item. It works much better than the clothespins and tape I've used in the past. It looks cleaner and much more professional. For the price, you can't beat it. Clubs should take advantage of the newly released 10-pack." (J.C.B.)

11/09 - "A note from Odd'l Rockets: If there is enough interest, a 3/16" raise spring is possible! It would take a lot of orders though--there are many more 1/8" launch rods than 3/16" rods out there. Thanks for the great feedback!" (C.M.)

11/09 - "These are great. They also work for many kinds of rockets. We have about a dozen we keep in the range box. I just wish they had 3/16" and 1/4" versions." (D.K.B.)