Saturday, December 18, 2010

Review: Odd'l Rockets Birdie

This is Odd'l's take on what is possibly the original oddroc - the flying Badminton Birdie. Birdie + 13mm Mini Motors = quick and easy flying fun.


The kit included the shuttlecock, a BT-5 motor tube, a dummy motor, a wooden disk/plug, one centering ring and a launch lug. It is rated skill level 2 because it requires epoxy. YMMV, but I consider it almost an 'ARF' (almost ready to fly).

You first coat the wooden disk with white glue, let it dry, and install it with the help of the dummy motor. You then fill the base of the shuttlecock's nose with epoxy, and insert the prepared motor tube with the ring and lug dry fit.

I used 5-minute epoxy and used the leftovers of same to attach/fillet the ring and lug. ARF, ARF :)

"No parachute, no wadding! The (A3-4T or A10-3T) engine simply ejects and the 'Featherweight' rocket falls harmlessly to the ground."

The instructions say to use a wrap of tape or spent engine as a standoff. I opted for the tape.

I flew mine on an A10-PT and an A3-4T. (I grabbed the -P accidentally and, while not a recommended motor, works just fine.) Take note the engine ejects and also falls free. No biggie, just take note.

This is a fun and easy flier for small fields. I think I like this more than my other mini-motor-powered saucers and saucer-like objects.  I recommend you keep one in your range box!

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