Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The price of MPR - then and now

I bought my first mid-power rocket, the NCR Big Brute, in 1990 or 91.  The other day, I was looking at the catalog that I ordered from and lamented the fact that I didn't buy a lifetime supply of their kits.  The Big Brute is a short 4" rocket that sports a 29mm mount.  Back then, it cost a mere $25.  This rocket compares favorably with other similarly sized rockets.  Looking at the current pricing of the similarly sized Madcow Rocketry Cowabunga, I see that it lists for $59.95.  This equates to an increase of 140%. This may be a little apples-and-oranges, but I still would like another unopened Big Brute, an Archer, and a handful of other NCR classics.  At 1990 prices, of course!

I also looked at the motors section of the catalog and noted that a G80 SU listed for $16.95.  The current version of that motor lists for around $26 (checking one non-discounted source only).  This is a mere 53% increase.  And, you get a few extra N-s thrown in to boot.  Go to a discount supplier and you can get the new G80 motor for ~$18.

This isn't supposed to be a comprehensive cost analysis of these items. No shipping or HAZMAT was included, I only have info on what NCR charged for AeroTech motors, and I didn't look at multiple current sources.  I merely thought these data points were interesting.  I generally fly G reloads, which I get for under $9 before shipping.  I'm happy with these but still miss G80FWLs for $10, INCLUDING shipping!