Saturday, December 04, 2010

Pre-Estes North Coast Rocketry component question

I have a question about the nose cones that the original North Coast Rocketry used in their kits.  Before I post on the rocketry forums, I thought I'd try here.  In the 1990-91 time frame, I bought my first MPR kit - the Big Brute.  This 4" kit came with an Ace blow-molded cone.  Looking at the catalog, it says the smaller kits came with what they describe as 'Aerofoam' nosecones, which "combine(d) the light weight of balsa with the strength and ease of finishing that plastic provides.".  These were also offered separately in 1.00", 1.21", 1.88", 2.44" and 2.70" OD sizes.  If anyone can provide more information on these cones, I'd appreciate it. TIA!