Sunday, December 12, 2010

Paper rocket conversion resource update

I just found out about the Paper Modelers Forum. Although rockets make up a small subset of the content and the only flying models are probably of the stomp variety, this should be a great resource if you are interested in paper model conversions.  For instance, I see that the Lower Hudson Valley E-Gift Shop has a lot of new stuff since the last time I looked, including a paper model of the X-37B.  And if you want to make yours air powered, they also have plans for a stomp launcher.

But what really caught my eye was Delta 7 Studio's Rosie Retrorocket.  Rosie sure is cute, but her stability would be questionable without clear fins and a lot of nose weight.

Over the years, I've converted several free paper models for flight:
  • Currell Graphics Airship R-100 - At 11' long and 2.25" in diameter, this model didn't fly so well on MicroMaxx power. It flew better on a 13mm A10 but, since it had no recovery system, didn't survive the landing. RIP.
  • Cards in Space Little Joe I - This model flies well on 13mm motors.
  • The Matchhead XL-5 is the smallest member of my Fireball XL-5 fleet.  It flies well on MicroMaxx, although it is a little on the heavy side. Unfortunately the source link is dead.
  • Delta 7 Studios Mercury Redstone - At 11.75" x 0.75", this respectably sized MicroMaxx model is one of my best fliers.
  • Currell Graphics SpaceShipOne - This is another dog of a flier.  If you build one, put in a 13mm mount!
Before I sign off, don't forget the web's biggest flying paper model resource - Wayne Hill's Ultimate Paper Rocket Guide.