Monday, December 13, 2010

Megastructures on a planetary or solar scale...or even bigger?

Yesterday (in most time zones), Dark Roasted Blend explores Megastructures: Bigger-Than-Worlds.  This is a photographic compendium of Dyson Spheres, Ringworlds, dams that span seas, and other hypothetical megastructures.  For instance, the Dyson Sphere, which was first described by physicist Freeman Dyson in the late 1950's, is a system of orbiting solar power satellites that completely encompass a star and capture most or all of its energy output.  Since then, there have been various variants, including solid spheres.  In fact, they have been pretty popular.  The attached photo shows a down to Earth variant, the Dyson Ball.  (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)  If you want to see the scale of a Dyson Sphere or Ringworld, check out the Starship Dimensions website and click the 'BIG' tab.