Sunday, December 05, 2010

The Dungeon's Top Ten of 2010 (updated)

Here is my yearly recap of what I think was most significant in and around the Dungeon.  As originally mentioned, I jumped the gun on posting the list. It's now 100% complete!  In no particular order:

  1. The flight of the Too Rolling Red Stoned at MDRA's September ESL-148 launch.  I was quite happy with the build of this big, mostly paper and foam board rocket. The launch was even more memorable due to the attendance of my  wife, son, daughter in law and pooch.  It made the pain in my bum knee bearable. 
  2. Progress in space flight, despite the Shuttle retirement and cancellation of Ares/Constellation. Including but not limited to: SpaceX's COTS-1 launch; the X-37B launches, disappears intermittently, and lands on its own after 225 days in orbit; Armadillo's Super-Mod gets pointy and flies to new heights; Spaceport America construction progresses; and,  Masten's Xombie stops and restarts while hovering.
  3. I determined the possible source of my rocket genes.
  4. EMRR gets a new owner.  As Roger transitions to a new site format (, the jury is out on the future of the site and all my data buried there.  Still, I am happy for Nick's success with the sale (which is why this made the list). See my tribute to Nick and my over 9 years of  EMRR support/use here.
  5. Hobby Lobby comes to Maryland.  And one location is reasonably convenient, too.
  6. Paul Miller Recycled Rockets - When rocket buddy Paul Miller moved to Arizona, he bequeathed me a big box of broken rockets.  I wasn't that excited at the start but soon was having a ball repairing, rebuilding and scavenging these birds.  I ended up with many welcome additions to the fleet and these fueled some extra fun at the June NARHAMS and MDRA launches. Warthog and his Mrs.threw a nice going away party too!
  7. Blogger template maker was released.  Good for me.  My readers didn't much care. 
  8. Sponsored projects!  My Thanks to EMRR 1.0, Art Applewhite, First Flight Hobbies, Odd'l Rockets, Heavenly Hobbies, and I Build Rockets.  I also apologize for the lack of flight testing.  God willing I'll be able to remedy this situation next year!
  9. Snowpocalypse of 2010! #1 and #2 This may be off-topic, but these snow events spawned a lot of blogging fun.
  10. The Mythbusters liked my 99% pure duct tape rocket, Nuttin' But Tape, and added it to their Duct Tape Projects photo album (FaceBook membership req'd, sorry)!  And, with a Mythbusters-related item, how could I not include my favorite member? Here's Kari at LDRS-29.