Monday, December 20, 2010

Comparison of Art Applewhite's 24mm Saucers

Now that I have captured some of my old reviews, I decided to see if Blogger could handle the table used in the original comparison article. The first row includes links to the posts that present the full review. I'll link to the Super Cinco if and when I port it over.



Ultra Delta

Super Cinco
Dimension 3" x 7.25" 2.75" x 6" 2.75" x 6" 2.75" x 6"
(my kit)
0.94 ounces 0.74 ounces 0.42 ounces 0.36 ounces
# of parts 1 8 6 7 3
Body material cardstock, plastic plate cardstock, foamboard cardstock cardstock
Motor Tube Kraft paper Kraft paper cardstock cardstock
Fins 3 basswood none none none
Positive Motor Retention yes 2 no no no
patterns 3
6 solids, 4 patterns 7 solids, 7 patterns 6 solids 6 solids
Construction Level Estes level 1 minimal trivial trivial
Instructions (pages) 4 3 3 3
Illustrated Yes Yes Yes Yes
Photo-illustrated No Yes Yes Yes
Rec Motors C11-0, D11-P, D12-0, E9-P, all Aerotech 24mm SU and RMS 24/40 reloads C11-0, C11-3, D11-P, D12-0, D12-3, E9-P, E9-4; Ellis Mountain E10, F23, G37; all Aerotech SU and RMS 24/40 reloads; Microhybrid C11-0, C11-3, D11-P, D12-0, D12-3, E9-P, E9-4, Aerotech F21W and RMS 24/40 reloads C11-0, C11-3, D11-P, D12-0, D12-3
Recovery Aerobrake Aerobrake Aerobrake Aerobrake
Price $15.00 $16.00 $6.00 $6.00
Construction Rating 4 ½ 5 5 5
Flying Rating 5 5 5 4
Overall Rating 5 5 5 4
Review Pro's simple, satisfying build, flies well easy build, flies fast and high very easy build; flies faster and higher than comparable products very easy build; flies fast and high
Review Con's none none none top of motor mount subject to charring; fewer motor options
Comparison Purpose Pro's good performance, option for spin tabs simpler build, better performance simpler build, best performance simplest build, good performance
Comparison Purpose Con's none none none least robust construction; fewer motor options
1 number of distinct parts in final assembly, not raw materials; doesn't include optional parts
2 motor hook may be left off to allow use of longer motors
3 other colors may be available on request, contact manufacturer

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