Wednesday, December 01, 2010

American Spacemodeling, January 1989

American Spacemodeling, January 1989 is my oldest surviving rocket magazine.  It is 15 pages in length (excluding the unnumbered back cover) and contains numerous diagrams.  However, the only photos were on the front and back covers.  This predecessor to Sport Rocketry was published monthly.  Compare this to the latest bi-monthly issue of Sport Rocketry, which is 55 pages long and includes lots of color photos.  It also lists at $6.95 vs. $2.00.  I can't compare the member rates of both so I'll stick with the list price.  Thus, American Spacemodeling cost 13.3 cents a page in 1989 cents and Sport Rocketry costs 12.6 in today's.  Not so bad.

The best item is this issue was the one page plan for the Mini-V2. There is a detailed tech article on an antenna for a rocket telemetry receiver, but I have had no use for this.  I found it curious that the article on basic gluing techniques didn't cover CyA or epoxy, which were 'advanced' for the day.