Monday, November 15, 2010

Sport Rocketry, November/December 2010

Although it almost didn't survive my grandson, I am finally looking at the latest issue of Sport Rocketry. (I only got it a few days ago but, more typically, I at least scan it right away.)  This issue mainly covers NARAM-52, which was held in Colorado.  As usual, most of the contest details are of little interest to me so I mostly looked at the photos.  Several R&D reports caught my eye, on tube strength in super-rocs and one on flying wings.  Also as usual, no useful details from said reports were divulged.  Those who have enough interest will have to buy them from NARTS.

There are also articles on one William Roe (NAR #13) and Estes legend Mike Dorffler, who passed shortly after the event.  Finally, NAR S&T submitted an article to describe how they go about their business.