Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A small extraterrestrial life post

I'll lump a few news stories here, in one convenient location....
  • The blogaverse is abuzz with news about NASA's scheduled and clearly announced December 2nd news conference in which they will announce a "scientific finding" that "will impact the search for extraterrestrial life."  Space.com has the particulars. Many sources are saying that 'this could be big.'  I think it will be big, but more from a detailed scientific viewpoint.  I bet it is closer to biochemistry than alien archaeology. Either way, I'll be watching my news feed on the 2nd.
  • Scott Lowther offers some personal speculation on that announcement and provides a link to another on-topic, yet unrelated, story.  Unscientific, but on topic.
  • i/o9 points to a 1970's vintage UFO documentary.  The point I noticed is that it includes a clip (although I haven't watched it yet) of Steven Spielberg around the time he was making Close Encounters. So, this item may be more about movie history than anything else.
  • Hmmm, thought there was another item, but I can't find it.