Friday, November 19, 2010

ROCKETS Magazine, October 2010

In my short reviews/overviews of ROCKETS, I have often lamented that there isn't a wider variety of articles.  For example, I'd like to see articles about professional rocketry, historical amateur rockets, liquid motors, etc.  At MDRA's September launch, I chatted with Neil about the magazine.  The upshot was what I have always heard  - the magazine can't publish articles if people don't write and submit them.  However, the October issue has made a big stride towards that ideal, having a wide range of subjects from the standard launch reports, a rocket with aluminum parts (no safety code comments, please), a wireless launcher, low power drop away boosters (ROCKETS is an equal-opportunity magazine), Statistical Process Control, Kevin Mitchel's awesome Superstars jet fighter-style HPR bird....and even a flying duck.  Yes, this issue covers a lot of bases. You can find a sample of the magazine, including the full TOC here (.pdf).  One of my resolutions for 2011 will be to submit at least a short article myself.  Good job , dudes!