Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Forget the 'Mystery Missile', who remembers the 'Monthly Missile'?

For some reason, reading a headline about the 'Mystery Missile' made the name 'Monthly Missile' pop into mind.  The Monthly Missile was an entry in the R.M.R. DesCon8, which was conducted as a spin off of the old rec.model.rockets newsgroup. The theme was 'flounder parts', which meant: use junk, go dumpster diving, etc.  The MM showed the ingenious use of a certain personal hygiene product, and was one the most hilarious rockets that I've see.  And, yes, it won first place!

Although not indicated in EMRR's contest archive, my entry, The Whole Enchilada, snagged me a set Shadow Composites videos on fiberglassing.