Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Virtual and physical status reports

Since I didn't immediately see any actual rocket news this AM and I'm not actively building anything at the moment, I thought I'd do my part to raise the noise level on the Internet.  So, here's a quick status on both the virtual and physical Dungeons.

In the virtual world, MAKE magazine featured an article on Steve Eves' 1:10 scale Saturn V, which flew majestically in April 2009: 1/10th scale Saturn V rocket takes off!.  This article featured a short blurb, three embedded videos, and a link to one of my posts! (Steve Eves' Saturn V ROCKED Maryland's Eastern Shore)  This reference pushed yesterday's daily page views to 1,112.  I thought this might have been a record, but when I looked back at the history, I saw a spike of 1,277, 1,111, and 1,314 between April 25 and April 27, 2009.  Yup, those are also due to my post on the Saturn V launch.  While I was happy to see this spike, it won't have a significant, if any, impact on my on-going readership.  And looking at it from another viewpoint, MAKE probably has hundreds of thousands of on-line readers (they have that many followers on Face Book alone) so getting 600 or so hits above normal isn't that amazing. 

As for the physical Dungeon, I have been mulling over all the stalled projects lying around.  I almost got started on the upscale 38mm Whirlygig.  I'd like to mount a timer in one end with the G-switch in the direction of rotation.  Unfortunately, I had build fever and mounted the fins before thinking through the whole project.  Now, I find there isn't room to mount the timer (given I'm going to use the one I have).  I'm not throwing in the towel yet but I'm not holding out much hope.  I don't want to rebuild from scratch and may yet rely on motor ejection, hoping a 4 second delay will get the laundry out in time.  Well, that can't be worse than flying with no recovery system...although it might be identical!