Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Run for the hills, Chicken Little, the Ballistic Chicken will be flying soon!

Yesterday, this oddly marked tube arrived in the mail.  It included a customs declaration, ominous 'ID RECORDED' stickers, and some hefty postage.  The content's included a beta version of the Ballistic Chicken rocket kit from I Build Rockets. I Build Rockets is operated out of Australia by Sascha Grant.  The kit, with its chicken head cone is right up my alley!  

I won't be able to work on it for a bit but, as you see, couldn't resist opening it and fondling the parts.  It is basically a 3FNC rocket so the build will be straightforward.  The 18mm mount includes the normal stuff - tube, rings, block, and hook.  The fins and launch lug standoff are all laser cut, which is really nice because of the feather patterned fin set.  The chute is Mylar and there is an elastic cord with the venerable tri-fold mount.  A water slide decal is also provided.

I didn't know what to expect for the cone but am really happy with it. I don't know how Sascha built it, but it's a full cone with a nice shoulder and integrated hook.  And the chicken looks nice and goofy too :)

Sascha was good enough to include a couple of his site's calling cards, which are a 2-part acrylic 'rocket' resembling a V2.  These are too cute. I think he should offer them to others (with their web site on them, of course).  One of mine will likely end up residing on the tip of a small flying rocket.

So, thanks a million, Sascha!

PS -  I'm not exactly sure about the Vegemite :)