Tuesday, October 05, 2010

LJ II status and question

For better or worse (and leading towards worse), the tower is all together and installed.  The abort motor nozzles are being installed as I speak.  I think I can pick one angle that won't show off how crooked everything is.  Some of this is inherent tower misalignment and some occurred when I fumbled it.  It hit the dirt twice, not once, twice, during final assembly.  Only then did the much feared cussing begin. (And, it had nothing to do with Chris, whose posts were very helpful.  Or adult beverages for that matter.  Hey, maybe if I drank before and during every build I'd have an excuse.  Back to the scheduled channel...)

At any rate, parts have been reinstalled, extra dings have been filled, and it will be ready for priming later in the week.  I'm going with the more typical paint scheme (silver on the bottom, white on the top).  I'll use the stock decals and add some black trim to the capsule and tower, IF I don't leave the pretty printed capsule as is.  None of the capsules actually flown on the LJ II, boilerplate or not, looked like this.  But it is cute.  So, the question to you is: leave the decorated wrap or make it look more like the real thing and paint it white?.I can't decide and probably will flip flop until I actually HAVE to decide.