Sunday, October 03, 2010

Little Joe II - tower construction has begun! (updated)

So far so good.  I cut all the dowels required for the main struts.  I carefully laid them out in order off to the side.  The kit includes template guides as shown in the photo.  The instructions have you pin them down during assembly. I pinned them to scrap foam board and added extra pins at the ends of each vertical member.  Once the Tightbond Trim and Molding glue is dry on the perpendicular cross-pieces (as shown), I'll add the diagonal pieces.  These will then be inserted into the laser cut alignment jig.  The side struts will be also be assembled using the template and then added to the tower assembly.

Update: Things started well but headed south shortly thereafter.  My current feeling is the tower isn't hard to do poorly.  Also, there isn't enough thin dowel.  Grrr.