Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Little Joe II - pre-flight landing damage (stupid rocket tricks #16 & #17)

This model in jinxed.  I think I mentioned that I dropped the LJ II twice during construction.  That number is up to four.  Event number three (and SRT #16) was the capsule only. After painting, the capsule wouldn't come off.  Because it is card stock, I couldn't grab it firmly and was worried about twisting the tower.  So, I got a dowel and gently tapped from the bottom up.  Well, out came the capsule core, leaving the cardboard ring and shoulder.  There is some good news here. When I put it back on, I adjusted out most of the tower misalignment.  Later, I dropped the whole thing again and popped a fin. (SRT #17 - don't drop rockets on floor.)  The fins are glued onto the paper corrugated shroud.  Either the shroud lifted internally or it lifted the top layer of the tube.  I assume it was the prior.  This was easy to fix, but I foresee similar pops on actual flight recovery.  Hopefully, I will find out at this weekend's NARHAMS launch.