Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Little Joe II - Frankenstein style

No, I didn't go bonkers and decide to paint it in a Halloween motif.  However, the finish job will be a 'parts is parts' mishmash of (per ROTW):
  • From the wraps down it will basically be the QTV (i.e. silver with the USA decals).  ROTW doesn't show the black stripes specified in the instructions, so I'm not putting them on. It does show white fins in one view.  Mine will be all silver.  So, this part itself is a mixture.
  • The upper body will have the stock decals but will be white. This pattern may be the same as the others but I'd have to hold them in by grubby paws at the same time I have ROTW open.
  • The capsule will be per round A-001 with the BP-12 capsule.  But, with the vanes that appeared on the QTV. 
  • The abort motor will be per round A-004/Spacecraft 002.
Priming and tower rework is in progress.  Now, I see why EVERY other builder said NOT to use anything but CA on the tower.  Can you say glue blobs?