Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Hobby Lobby report

I went by the Hobby Lobby in Columbia, MD today.  They stocked Estes motors from 1/2A through E9 and a small number of kits.  Fewer kits than I expected, but more than Michael's ever did.  However, they only had a few packs of each motor type and in several cases only one.  I grabbed some A3-4's for the Art Applewhite Max-Q and a pack each of E9-4's and E9-6's...and the shelves were bare (at least of those). I didn't see any bulk packs. 

The prices were not great. $9 for the A3'a and $20 for the E9's.  However, all rocket items were 30% off during their opening week.  This week, they also have single-item, 25% coupons of FaceBook and claimed they had 40% coupons via their email list.  They also said they were accepting competitor's coupons, up to 40% off, this week only.  I thought people on the forums said their stores always accepted those coupons, possibly subject to Hobby Lobby limitations (no custom items, etc.). Oh well, maybe they will refine this policy.

The store is humongous and they have a lot more of everything than Michael's.  I resisted the urge to pick up tons of Halloween-related paraphernalia. I did grab some white Krylon for the Little Joe II.  It's the 'new' Krylon (ptui!).  But I needed some white, I was there, and they did accept an A.C. Moore coupon for it.