Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween 2010 in the Dungeon

I only got around to carving one of the three pumpkins that we bought and thought I'd post it for tradition sake.  I cut it early for my grandson, who loves this character (consider this a reader quiz).  The thin bands really didn't hold up and it will be in the trash before the big day.  The top smaller pumpkin was decorated with a sharpie.  Originally, I was going to carve it but I guess it will stay as is.

As usual, the web is full of cool Halloween projects, but I also didn't get around to collecting the links.  But you don't need the Dungeon to find them.  I had wanted a photo of the King Kong costume from today's Regis and Kelly show.  But, you guessed it - I couldn't find one.  It was awesome although you almost couldn't call it a costume.  Kong was huge (possibly 10-12 ft) animatronic bust of the famous ape. The wearer/operator sat is a basket held by Kong.  You'd need a trailer to trick-or-treat with that thing but it would make a most awesome lawn decoration.  If I run across a photo, I'll swipe it.