Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Too Rolling (Red)Stoned - NVS escape tower

NVS = not very scale

I started the tower build today. The attachment and main support will be a 1/2" dowel that runs between the top of the capsule and the fake escape motor, which will be the 6" end cap from a mailing tube. This structure doesn't exist on the real thing but it makes it easy for me. The dowel will be painted some nondescript color. Clear would be better but I'm using what I got.

A short 3" 'coupler' tube will slip over the existing top section of the capsule. This will be black just like the capsule. The lower 'Y' shaped sections of the tower will be glued to this coupler. I'm thinking about 1/4" dowels for these and the vertical struts. Then 1/8" dowels will be used for all the cross members. All the dowlage and escape motor will be red.

I haven't figured out the escape nozzle motors.

This should look as scale as the rest from the 'B' cell (aka the 'C' cell if there are two LPR banks). Too bad it will be removed at that point and won't look as good at my base camp. Meh.