Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thoughts on the refurbishment of the Too Rolling (Red)Stoned

I won't fly it any time soon but will definitely clean it up.  I immediately found yet another thing I should have done.  That is, clear coat the whole thing!  I did so on the top section and it cleaned up well.  But, I can't get the ground-in dirt off the lower section.  It's a job for Tide, but it won't fit in the washer.  LOL.

Even though the beat up fins are in theory replaceable, I think I'll use the duct tape repair method at least for the first fix-up.  I'm thinking about using my new flame pattern duct tape.  Which leads me to the possibility of re-decorating the whole lower part to some non-scale like color pattern.  If you can't clean off the dirt, hide it...right?