Friday, September 24, 2010

Presenting the Frankenchute

No matter how much dog barf or how large a 'chute protector I use, it seems it is often not quite enough.  As a result, the majority of my rip-stop 'chutes, from 12' to 42", have holes in them.  So, I ask the question, "what do you do with your old 'chutes?"
  1. I never damage mine, I use 'em 'til I lose 'em.
  2. When they have so many holes that they act like a short, wide streamer, I replace 'em.
  3. I fix 'em.
  4. Other.
Well, I do #3 with nylon tape from Into The Wind.  This stuff works great, lasts a long time, and yard goes a long way.  As noted in my EMRR review of the stuff, one of my patched 'chutes sat in a tree for over 2 years and, when recovered, the tape was still stuck securely to the 'chute.

I've been out of the tape for a long time and, after the last launch, I decided I needed some more. So, I bought 2 yards of black, purple, and hot pink. 

Today, I fixed a half dozen or so 'chutes, with this one (the same one that used to live in a tree) needing the most patches.  This is a really thin, big 'chute and it was showing wear in addition to having burns.  You can't can't see even all the yellow patches from the first round of fixes and I even found one more spot during the photo op.