Saturday, September 18, 2010

Launch Report 2010-11

Location: Central Sod Farm, Centreville, MD (MDRA ESL-148)
Weather: crystal clear, low 70's, wind 5-10mph
Total flights: Today - 7; YTD - 97
Total motors: Today - 12; YTD - 130

Another wonderful day, made better by the attendance of my wife, son, daughter in law and pooch.  Thanks for the company and recovery help! There was a large crowd of scouts which made for full racks.  I still did a good amount of flying.

My Flights
  1. Too Rolling (Red)Stoned on an H165-5 - Prep went well and I only endured a minor amount of harassment at the RSO table.  I hit one problem - both rail buttons pulled out of their mounts after it was erected on the rail!  I obviously didn't account for the forces created by such a long rocket. But I have a whole bag of spare hardware so I managed to re-install them.  The flight was great with a red-flamed boost to about 400ft (my guess).  It backslid and ejection was with the nose cone still up.  Both 'chutes came out on cue and provided a gentile landing.  However, while a big 'chute provides a soft landing, it can also drag your rocket.  Let me just say that foam fins don't like being drug through a plowed field!  I have some rework to do before flight #2.  All in all, a great flight!  I have a bunch of shots in the slideshow below and Peter A. will be posting a video!
  2. Whirlygig-24 on an F24-P - A nice twisty flight.  The crowd loves this rocket.
  3. Hat of Death on an E9-P - Ditto!
  4. Gone Batty of 4 x D12-5 -Despite using Quest Q2G2 igniters, they insisted I use the Cluster Buck.  This relay system provides something like 100A.  Overkill maybe, but it worked.  Great flight! Much better with the 'strap on' boosters.
  5. Madcow Jayhawk on an G64-7 - Really high flight and long walk.  Luckily my son and daughter in law did said walking!
  6. Stink Bomb on an EC6-3 - Nice tube-launched flight.
  7. Phinagain Cruise Missile on a C11-7 + 2x C11-P - Very nice boost and recovery.  I ignited the 3 motors with Quest Q2G2's, again blasted with the Cluster Buck.

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