Saturday, September 18, 2010

It fits...but barely! (update)

 Just finished 90% of the packing for MDRA and found one thing I didn't think of when building the Too Rolling (Red)Stoned.  That is, ITS GOTTA FIT IN MY SMALL SUV!  It just barely fit.  But wait, I need to pack stuff under it. So, with the angle of the roof, it won't fit unless it's at the bottom. Rats.  Angle it up on the seat and it is still just enough off to crush a fin. Angle it so the top is on the headrest itself and , voila, it's in!  Whew.  One thing to note is paper construction tends to be flimsy so I added padding under the rings.  I hope it survives to fly at least once!

PS - A reader noted that their browser is flagging my blog a s malware thia morning.  Nothing detected here but who knows.  I have so many sites linked it that maybe one of the add-ins could have an issue?  Anyway, let me know if you see anything amiss. I'll worry about it after I re-kit some rockets. UPDATE:  Thanks to The EGE, I found that the Blogrolling-based Space Blogs list was being flagged as malware.  I took it out until I can investigate. (And there was no re-kitting today. Yay!)