Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hermes update - not gonna beat the rain (updated)

I was going to finish the Hermes today, but it looks like it is starting to rain...and I do all my spraying outside.  The first primer coat is drying and I was hoping to be able to touch sand and refill here and there before the second coat.  I'm now thinking that the white primer coat will also be the top coat.  Once I have the surface where I want it, I'll mask off the fins and nose rings and re-coat to seal the tape edges.  I'll hand paint the fins and nose sections, using Rustoleum brown primer for the tip and Testors black for the rest. The lower black stripe will be vinyl tape.

Update:  Rain stopped.  Filled the gaps and got a 2nd coat on.  Fins are nice and smooth.  Too smooth.  Gave it a coat of brush on white.  Will continue later today.