Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hermes - painting (mostly) done

I have a tad of touch-up to do but it is pretty close.  For better or worse, here's a few of the techniques used.  Please feel free to suggest how I could have done better.

  • I primed it then painted the white base coat.
  • I masked the fins and over painted the edges to seal the tape.
  • When dry, I painted the fins.
  • I marked the nose cone tip by positioning a clear plastic tube and slightly scoring the white base coat.
  • I sprayed Rustoleum red primer into a plastic container and, using a micro brush, followed the score mark.
  • The bulk of the tip was painted with a regular brush.
  • The lower stripe is 2 pieces of vinyl pin striping.
  • The stripe on the cone is also vinyl tape.  I carefully scored one edge (every 1/16"-1/8") to allow it to conform to cone.  This is the first time I've done this and it seemed to work well.  There were 2 - 3 places where I touched it up with a Sharpie.