Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hermes A-1 - measure once, scale once, cut once

I went ahead and started the Hermes A-1 kitbash.  I looked back at the spreadsheet that I made to guesstimate the dimensions of the fins and decided it is good enough.  I'm sure these aren't scale competition quality since I worked with a photo on my computer screen, but I think it will look fine to the casual, non-expert observer.  The tabs added to the scale V-2 fins (as opposed to the larger, non-scale ones that are provided with the kit) are basically 0.5" square.  They are being attached as I type.  The dimensions of the upper fins, once rounded to even ruler dimensions, are: root - 2.125"; tip - 1.25"; sweep - 0.75"; and, span - 0.5".

I also have filled the balsa nose and tail cones, marked the body and tail cone for the fins and built the motor mount.  Non-stock mods include epoxying a Kevlar leader to the motor mount and adding a motor hook.  The latter required that I notch the tail cone.  Not optimal for scale looks but I wanted one.

I was looking a photos and noticed that the Hermes, like the V-2, was not smooth. So, I may just use brush on Testors for the whole build and will use short brush strokes.  I will decorate it like the one on display at White Sands (attached). The black stripe on the nose cone will be the most challenging part.  Unless I find some vinyl lettering at Michaels, I won't be adding the fin numbering!