Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gone Batty got its boosters

 Take 2 tubes that hold the 2nd grain in the G64 reloads (which are conveniently 24mm).  Find 2 matching cones.  Mark and trim strips from the painted body. Epoxy cones in tubes and tubes on rocket.  Since I didn't want all the motors in-line, I had to block the existing lug.  I merely added another.  Oh, yeah, I decided that I wanted to fly it this weekend so there was no time for paint.  Well, I did some quick touch up with brush on gloss black.  I may overcoat the gloss with flat later.  Meanwhile, I know I like the orange cones and think the plain white tubes are OK.  The bungee shock cord has seen better days.  What was I thinking mounting bungee near the motor mount?  If it doesn't burn through this time, I'll add a Kevlar leader through the wall at the launch lug.