Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Flaming duct tape and tower status

First, check out the cool 'Duck Tape' that I found at Michaels.  Cool if you like tape on rockets at least.  And I do!

Despite the bum knee, I did venture into the Dungeon yesterday and resumed work on the escape tower for the Too Rolling (Red)Stoned.  I have the structure done and am in the process of making the motor nozzles.  I bought some small foam cones, which I trimmed down and wrapped in card stock.  They should go on tomorrow and I'll start painting. I'm going to use brush on acrylics.  Cheap and quick.  And fitting for the materials used.  Then, all I'll have left to figure out is the top aerodynamic spike.  I want this done for this weekend's launch.  Given that the rocket may make only one flight, I'd like to have it ready for an on-site photo op.