Thursday, September 30, 2010

Big, bigger and biggest...starships!

Scott Lowther continues to discuss huge spaceships in his post Giants in the Sky, Part 2.  Here he starts with the Enzmann Starship, which itself would be a behemoth measuring several thousand feet long. He then increases the scale a thousand-fold, ending with spacecraft hundreds of kilometers long and capable of carrying all Earth-bound life forms to another home. The closest thing to reality in this sequence is the Project Orion nuclear pulse propulsion system (12 - 24 of which would form the drive for the Enzmann Starship!), and we know how far that got (if you don't, it's an interesting story, follow the link).  This is all interesting to me, but I'm afraid it is basically sci-fi.  I'd like to see him overlay his drawings in the Starship Dimensions hierarchy. (Excuse me if I have the dimensions wrong, I think my brain just blew-up.)