Sunday, August 29, 2010

Too Rolling (Red)Stoned - wrapping it up

I've decided that building a huge paper rocket requires 6 hands and more coordination that I have.  Furthermore, I've also decided to only document my progress and not the growing list of minor flubs.  

The inter-fin panels are finally on.  I found the black poster board is more flimsy and thus tougher to work with than the standard white; so I only used it for one panel.  I wrestled the first body wrap on and will try to draft my wife to help get the next two installed.

Then, I'll have to hit the Container Store for another tube and Michaels for more poster board.  I thought I'd build the capsule from the black poster board but have decided the white will work out better.  I'll then paint the capsule section.

This thing is going to be awfully white.  I've been thinking about faking the upper checkerboard pattern but, since the rest will not sport scale decoration, may merely add a few circumferential stripes.

This should be flyable by the next MDRA launch assuming I don't need a motor bigger than an H165, that is.