Monday, August 30, 2010

Too Rolling (Red)Stoned - top section started

This afternoon, I made a trek to the container store for some 4" mailing tubes.  They have some cool tubes with full-length telescoping inner tubes.  (But you know this because you fanatically follow The Dungeon and my EMRR reviews). The last time I went, they didn't have the 43" variety.  This time they had only one.  That was OK because a 36" tube would do for this project.  So, I bought one of each.

The core of the top section will be made from the 36" telescoping inner tube, which will also form part of the capsule (about 0.5" too big in diameter - but this is sport scale!).  It also will conveniently fit in the lower section's parachute tube.  It was a bit too long so the piece I cut off was sectioned and will act as a shoulder to keep this tube from sliding all the way into the lower section.  I'm also adding a bulk plate with an eybolt in the bottom end.

The last two foam rings are cut.  One will be flush with the bottom of this section and the other will sit below the capsule.  I scavenged a plastic container that will serve nicely as the base of the capsule.  It is about 0.5" too big - perfect for a not-too-sport-scale model.  It also has a nice shoulder to support the poster board capsule section.

The top part of the capsule will be a piece of a foam pool noodle.  A piece of BT-20 will go through this, a ply ring and a foam ring.  I'll rig a plug for flight and the BT-20 will support the for-display tower.

BTW, the black posterboard really sucks. I tested Future Shine on a piece of the black foam board and began coating the black fins.  I also coated the black posterboard panel, which sucked up the Future Shine and warped.  I think I'll leave it until after the first flight.  I'll worry about it if there is going to be a second. Oh, wait, I said I wasn't going to describe my screw-ups. Oops, may bad.