Thursday, August 19, 2010

Too Rolling (Red)Stoned - a little progress but lots of stuff to do

  • I started cutting and installing the fin mounting guides to the rear thrust plate.  Glue is setting on two, 14 more to go.  
  • Marked the remaining foam rings.  One is cut, six more to go.
  • Scavenged the rail mounting blocks from the carcass of the Grand Whazoo.  Added some washers as spacers.  Glue is drying on the aft block.
  • Cut an arc of the 1/2" foam board into little chunks.  These will help support the inter-fin 'skin' sections where they touch the rear plate.
I decided to go with the 29mm mount.  I dumped the idea of solid foam or plastic capsule parts.  This will be made from poster board wraps and should keep the weight down.  I'm going to make a kludgy tower at some point but it will be removable for flight.  This will also help with weight and will help it survive :)

Did I mention this is going to resemble a Mercury Redstone about as much as the Grand Whazoo resembled a V2?  It should be recognizable but keep your rulers in your range box!