Friday, August 27, 2010

Too Rolling (Red)Stoned - inter-fin panels

I've started filling in the gaps between the fins.  After I cut the panel, I'm attaching one edge (along the fin root) and letting that dry.  I use a heavy brass ruler to hold the wrap against the supports (the upper foam ring, the lower plywood plate, the fin supports, etc.).  After it is set firmly, I spread glue along the rest of the supports, roll the panel around and then weight the other end with the ruler (shown in this photo).  This will be a slow process.

I also ran a 4-40 screw through the upper fin supports to help hold the fins in place.  So, to replace a fin, I'll also have to remove/replace one of these poster board panels.  Not optimal, but I thought I needed some more positive retention for the fins and every other method I came up with would add more weight.  Since I have white and black duct tape, I will probably patch the bent fins until they get really ratty.