Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sport Rocketry, September/October 2010

As you see from the attached photo, the headliners in this issue were TARC and NSL.  I especially liked the NSL reports, which included a lot of nice photos.  Two that stood out were night launches of a G75 Metalstorm and an Art Applewhite Double Helix.  The latter lived up to its name big time with a long, vivid, (double) helical plume.  Attendees were also treated to tours of WSMR Launch Complex 33, the V-2 Missile Museum, and the Holloman rocket sled track.  When I found the link to the LC-33 web site, I also found the photo shown below.

The magazine also has articles on a 50-rocket mass launch by SMASH (#500), a range PA system and the Rocket Vision Gear Cam