Monday, August 30, 2010

ROCKETS Magazine, August 2010 - LDRS-29 Edition

Hot off the presses, my copy arrived this afternoon.  I immediately thumbed through it and then started reading the last article, which is about Cal-Poly's rocket-buildings.  I took particular interest in these because they are big and used light weight materials - and I'm in the midst of another large light weight project myself. 

The ten rocket buildings were built by 33 architecture students.  The reproductions of the student's favorite buildings were supposed to be around 6ft high and weigh under 5lbs.  They flew things from the Dubai 'sail building' to the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  They first used G185s and then moved on to 'H' motors.  Looking at the photos, these were really cool, featuring intricate, obviously CAD-produced components.  The article said most used Monokote skin, which doesn't react well with ejection charges and resulted in several catching on fire.  Despite the less than optimal results (possibly no less than LDRS overall ?), these rockets weren't slapped together haphazardly. The rock-building building program provides what sounds like a good rocketry education.  However, big light rockets are challenging.  If I win the lottery, a laser cutter will be acquired for The Dungeon.  I like their idea for the monokote skins, but would obviously use a more robust core.

Other than that, I'm up to day 2 in the LDRS-29 saga. As usual, this magazine is worth it just for the photos. While on the subject, the Cal-Poly team featured a whole fleet of cute rocket girls.