Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Poster board, foam board and duct tape, oh my

I have started gathering parts for the Too Rolling (Red)Stoned.  I had wanted to use 8" diameter x 1" thick styrofoam rings in place of foam board.  They were a bit over a buck on-line but Michaels wanted something like 5 bucks for them.  So, I settled for poster and foam board.  I got mostly white poster board but also a sheet of black.  The thinner foam board has black on one side and white on the other.  This should make a nice roll pattern on the fins.  I have no plans for the upper roll pattern or 'United States' lettering.  I don't think I'll dedicate that much printer ink and, on an 8" rocket, buying them would cost more than the rocket itself.  I also cut an 8" base plate and a couple of 29mm-4" centering rings.  Oh, and I got a roll of  white duct tape which I'll use on the poster board seams.

I went through many options for the replaceable fins.  Most options involved too much plywood, which defeats the purpose of building with paper and foam. Not that I'm a purist, but wood will jack up the weight. Right now, I think I'll make some thin plywood slots on either end of the fins and will keep them one ply.  I originally was going to go with three ply for a more scale-like form factor. Using one ply will make them more prone to damage but should also be easier and cheaper to replace.