Thursday, August 19, 2010

Old launch photos/reports

Here is my Grand Whazoo just prior to its maiden flight at a NARHAMS launch in Middeletown Park.  I think I've posted this photo before but, since The Grand Whazoo just bit the dust, I thought I'd post it anyway.  It took a long confab with the club prez, RSO, and LCO to allow this big rocket to fly on a G80.  It was a most excellent flight.

Here is my NCR Big Brute at a launch organized by HobbyWorks and run by TRF member rokitflite. The site was in Laurel, MD and was really pretty nice.  The launches were suspended after some hijinks by another person associated with the launches. Too bad.  The Big Brute flew on a G35.

Finally, this one is from LDRS2000 in  Orangeburg, SC.  I guess I stole the source photo since my son and I are both in it. The Crusader is my Rocketman Explorer 7 "Freedom to Fly".  It flew on an H242. Check out that line!