Sunday, August 22, 2010

New cone for the BNC-R1

Here is the blank for the BNC-R1's new nose cone. I reckon that I should rename the rocket SNC-R1 or SFNC-R1. Or maybe something totally different and more interesting.

Anyway, I have a bunch of pink styrofoam plugs from another unnamed and yet uncompleted project. I drilled a few and installed a piece of brass tubing using 5-minute epoxy. The tube holds up to turning better than dowel. Since you can't turn brass tube, I epoxied a short piece of dowel in the nose-end of the tube. This pokes out the front by 1/8" or so and will provide a firm tip to the otherwise soft cone.  Common wisdom would have me glass the cone, but I may try something else.

For those who don't recognize it, BNC is the standard acronym for balsa nose cone. It should be clear what SNC or SFNC would signify.