Tuesday, August 03, 2010

New build status, no photos, just senseless rambling

I am progressing with the build of a non-scale Lost in Space Robot.  The basis is the inner tube structure and nose cone from my defunct Stratosphere.  The upper body is the Stratospher's nose section.  I removed the long green rod and mounted an M&M-shaped M&M container on the top.  This is a reasonable facsimile of the robot's head.  Good so far!

The body/ tread section will be about 12" long.  I searched and scrounged and found a plastic instant coffee container that actually has an excellent shape - mostly cylindrical and slightly smaller on the top and bottom.  However, to get a better proportion to the upper body, I'll need something that's about 6" in diameter.  Let the dumpster diving continue.

On to the treads.  These will be made from 2" thick pink foam and I think they'll be over-sized. I cut three 6" x 4" blocks that will be stacked and beveled.  I've bored a hole in the center block for the tube.  I think I need to go back to the body since I may have to adjust these further.

That leaves the fins.  I'm thinking that I'll mount two tubes in the foam and attach the fins to dowels or telescoping tubes, kind of like the fins on the Estes Atlas.  These would be removable for display.

That's it for now!